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GARMIN GTR 225B 010-01027-50-OTC

GARMIN GTR 225B 010-01027-50-OTC

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Features Price reflected includes basic harness, for use on non-certified aircraft only, purchasing Over The Counter. Price is shown without installation cost; For certified aircraft, please contact us for a customized installation quote.
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Product Description

Garmin NAV COM GTR 225B. The new Garmin NAV COM GTR 225B features 16w of transmit power and has the 8.33 KHz frequency spacing which is required by the European airspace mandate. This 760 channel stand-alone radio offers a variety of features with an internal database that allows the pilot to find all frequencies at all airports, ARTCC, FSS or VOR by looking up the location name or identifier. The unit will automatically recall the 20 most recently used frequencies and permanently store up to 15 frequencies. The 225B includes a large user friendly active/standby flip-flop display, standby frequency monitor function, internal 2-place voice activated intercom, and a built-in elapsed timer. Garmin's system also includes a mounting rack, connector kit, and basic wiring harness.

Reduce Your Workload

  • 10 W or 16 W Comm with 25 kHz or 8.33 kHz spacing options
  • Automatically displays tuned frequency's navaid or airport identifier
  • Easy frequency lookup using an airport identifier
  • Bright sunlight-readable display
  • Advanced standby monitoring means you'll never miss an ATC call while listening to ATIS
GTR 225 X   X 10W
GTR 225A X X X 10W
GTR 225B X X X 16W

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