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Corona Virus Memorandum

2389 Rickenbacker Way Auburn, CA 95602

FAA Repair Station Number: NG3R709L • EASA 145.4505 • CAGE 2L671

Telephone: 530-823-6204

Facsimile: (Sales) 530-823-5875 (Repairs) 530-887-2138




Date: March 18, 2020


Attn: Valued Customers and Industry Partners of TGH Aviation


Subject: COVID-19 Virus Update



As the TGH Aviation Management Staff diligently surveys the current climate of the COVID-19 situation (as exists as of date of this memorandum), the following has been issued by TGH Aviation for review by valued clients and industry partners of our company:


While we all do our part to navigate the present landscape, we want to reassure all of our clients and industry partners alike that TGH Aviation is committed to continuing to serve and support the requirements of our customers throughout this period. All TGH Aviation business activities and operations are proceeding as normally scheduled.


Processes have been implemented within our facility that further elevates our existing employee health, safety and sanitization protocols, in order to meet or exceed current CDC recommendations. Business travel for all TGH employees has been restricted indefinitely.


Concurrently, TGH Aviation Management staff is closely monitoring local, federal, state and aviation industry recommendations on a daily basis and we will make any necessary adjustments as new developments arise.


We understand the extreme significance of conducting ourselves in accordance with public health and safety measures. In conjunction, TGH is cognizant of the vital importance of each of our ongoing business endeavors.


It is in that spirit that we will rigorously strive to accomplish successful execution of both goals throughout the duration of this unsettled period. TGH remains confident that we will, in fact, do both. TGH Aviation is committed to providing our clients with the utmost flexibility and support for all requirements as this virus impacts our industry.


To that end, our Repair Station Sales, Customer Service, Administrative, Technical, Quality Assurance and Management staff is conducting operations as normally scheduled. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if we can assist, or further assist, in the continued support of your component repair requirements.

Wishing each of you health and safety,


TGH Aviation